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Space 4 Case | Mars | Mars images 2008

For National Geographic Channel I made two images of the exploration sites of the two Mars rovers: the Homeplate surroundings (near Husband Hill) in the Gusev Crater (Spirit Rover) and the Meridiani surface (Opportunity Rover). They visualize the circumstances of these spots in the past: about a few billion years ago: The Homeplate where volcanic activities (hot springs/fumerols) like water and minerals might have formed the Homeplate. And for the Opportunity the dunes that were submerged with water during a period of time. (Image will follow soon)

I made also an image for the cover and double spread for the BBC magazine Sky at Night. Fun to do, because it was not certain how the surface would look like. I had to imagine also the general looks of this rather flat (frozen) area.


Choose in the menu Homeplate or Arctic. More images to come.

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